Communication Management with Technology Tools

Assignment 2

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, Chapter 3 of the course textbook. Additionally, visit the Hofstede Insights (Links to an external site.) website and continue to explore national cultural dimensions. You will choose two countries from this website to compare and contrast in terms of cultural dimensions.

It is difficult in some countries, if not outright banned, for men to work for women. Cultural differences like this complicate working outside one’s culture.


In your paper,

  • Explain the most significant areas where the countries are similar and different according to Hofstede’s cultural orientation model.
  • Identify two issues that could arise in terms of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions from your two countries attempting to work together.
  • Analyze how communication technology can be utilized to bridge communication between cultures.

For additional guidance on writing compare and contrast papers see the Writing Center’s resource Compare & Contrast Assignments (Links to an external site.).


The Technology and International Communication paper,



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