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  • What were the most important factors that led Europe to War in 1914?  What do you think was the most important factor in causing the war?  Is there any one country that should be held most responsible for the war?








The most important factors that led Europe to war were nationalism, expansion of militaries, and the final thing that “burst the bubble”, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. “Throughout Europe prior to 1914, and especially in Germany, proponents of a new Radical Right harangued their governments with demands for a larger, more powerful, and bettertrained military.” (Coetzee, 18-19) I think the most important factor was the combination of the nationalism seen, especially in Germany, and the expansion of militaries. It’s hard for me to focus on one of those reasons because both of those really contributed so much to the start of the war. The normal “starting point”, the assassination, was only the bubble bursting in my opinion. If you were to blame one country, it would have to be Germany. They were newly unified from the HRE to the German Confederation and then finally all the way up to Germany. With all of the changing, Germany was very interested in making their mark, and that’s what they attempted.






There were a number of factors that led to the beginning of the war in 1914, some of the most important I believe to be are nationalism and the assassination of Franz Ferdidian. Nationalism is not only the most profound reason for the war but it is something all the acting countries have similar. All these countries were looking for an identity and it only gave that extra push once tension grew drawing people in to fight for their country “Men who were called to war largely answered that call” (Coetzze 12). This shows that the idea of nationalism wanted the people of their respective countries to be the best leading to this very competitive idea that only drew tensions higher. I think most of the countries involved have their fair share of responsibility for the war starting but I think a lot of the blame falls on Austra hungry due to setting up the dominos to fall. with their decision to declare war, the decision brought in their allies to aid causing all the dominos to fall leading to the start of WW1.





1.)There were many important factors that led Eurpose to War. “War occurred because in the summer of 1914 leaders made decisions based on three concepts: past knowledge of conflicts, questions of national security, and assumptions about their futures” (Proctor 17). Many of the political leaders were driven by fear. Many countries feared of invasion, neutrality, loss of territory, and feared power (Proctor 20). What ultimately sparked the beginning of the war was the death of Franz Ferdinand, who was the heir to the Austrian throne, and his wife Sophie. After this incident occured, many parts of Europe questioned their power and safety, which lead to World War 1.  The Central Powers included Germany, Turkey(Ottoman Empire), and Austria-Hungary against allies Britain, France, and Russia (Coetzee 17). Eventually as the war continues, more countries such as the United States joined the war. I think the most important factor in causing the war was the assassination of Franz. After the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, Austria-Hungary later decided that year to call out Serbia and accuse them of being behind the assassination. Austria-Hungary ended up declaring war on Berbia a few days after the accusation. With support from Germany to mobalize on Serbia, shortly after Germany began to mobalize on Russia and officially declared war to them(Coetzee 27). After the assassination, it was a chain reaction of fear which lead to war. One of the countries that tends to be held more responsible for the war is Germany. Germany was the first country to mobalize and declare war on Russia (Coetzee 27). By declaring war on Russia, this lead Russia to declare war on France. Since Germany began the war by provoking Russia, which led to the series of more countries declaring war on each other, I think Germany is the most to blame.



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