Annotated Bibliography

Learning Goal: I’m working on a humanities exercise and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Sources to be cited:

Paper format:

Paper instructions:
The Annotated Bibliography is due in Week 3. The bibliography must contain a minimum of four references, following current 7APA format. It should address the validity of each selected source and relevance to the chosen topic. The submission must be a minimum of 500 words.

I placed my thesis in the additional materials. My sources must prove what my thesis has stated for my future paper and the sources must be reliable. Wikipedia isn’t allowed.
USE ONLY ACCESSIBLE JOURNALS. Do not use websites or books
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Discipline: Disability

Research Paper Topic

While putting children with disabilities in a special classroom allows for more one on one time with the teacher, children with disabilities should stay in their original classroom to be more successful
socially. Removing them from class causes them not to socialize with individuals without disabilities and allow for other children to create ways to relate to them, embrace diversity, and students with disabilities do better when in a setting where more is expected of them.

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