Nursing Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

  • Choose two nursing theories discussed this week in your readings. Compare them in terms of concepts, assumptions, implications, and application (one paragraph per theory )
  • Case study reflection (Your reflection should be a minimum of five paragraphs.). After reading the Human Needs Theory Interactive Case Study, associate what you have learned about the theories to this case study and complete a journal entry about your experience and reflect on it. Reflection should include a comparison of what you have learned from the case study related theories to the theories( cite these theories in APA format) and a A comparison of the case study to your nursing practice, give one or two examples from your nursing experience in which you might have applied a particular theory covered.

Case study: Juan Duran is a Mexican American visiting the diabetic clinic at VA. He’s very polite and don’t like to interrupt to ask many questions. He’s been in US more than 50 years and is a navy veteran. Juan was walking around the hallways, and it was found by Mr. Carlson, the clinical director. Mr. Juan told him that he was instructed to start insulin injection, but he doesn’t know how to do it. Mr. Carlson set up and appointment with nurse Jenny. Juan lives in an apartment with his wife. Speaks English fluently but his wife English is limited. They both speaks Spanish at home. Limited vision, wife must administer insulin. Juan had a single daughter who was found murdered in the apartment parking lot less than two weeks ago, leaving Mr. and Mrs. Duran to care for her child. Mr. Duran seems to be befuddled by the insulin and syringes and is to stoic to talk about the loss of his daughter.

Human need theory that bests help Jenny to assess Mr. Duran in planning for his care are Orem’s theory (self-care), Neuman’s theory (role of stress and influence on care)

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