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For this assignment, you will create a multimodal argument. You can revise any argumentative assignment you’ve completed in this course or create a new one. Multimodal means that you will deliver the argument to your audience using the combination of text, images, video, or sound. Use a minimum of two modes: for example, text and images, images, and audio. Choose the best format for expressing the argument, such as websites, videos (e.g. narrated presentation), Wikis, blogs, social media, posters, or comics. Make sure to refer to strategies for creating multimodal arguments covered in the module.

In addition to creating the multimodal argument, you will need to write a reflection to answer the following questions

  • What is your claim?
  • Which rhetorical appeals did you use and why?
  • Why was your choice of media/modes best suited to deliver the message and influence the views of your audience?
  • Who was your intended audience and how did you demonstrate it through the style and word choice?
  • What figurative language did you use and why?
  • What punctuation choices did you make and why?

Cite the article using and place the citation reference at the end of the document.

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