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1-2 paragraph per question

1). Three models of decision making are presented by Denhardt, Denhardt, and Aristigueta. Compare and contrast these models from the perspective of administrative behavior. In your answer, be sure to include a thorough explanation of each technique of decision making. You need further to contrast the behavior skills leaders would have in each of the three models.

2). The second group of theoretical ideas about organization change Demers calls transformation or evolution. Henry Mintzberg, Miller and Friesen, and Tushman and Romanelli exemplify this group. Mintzberg wrote about types of strategy making processes. Miller and Friesen authored Organization: A Quantum View. Discuss these theories and comment on their usefulness in analyzing administrative behavior.

3). Demers discusses theories about organizational change from 1945 to 1979 as predominately adaption and selection explanations. Cyert and March, Braybrooke and Lindblom, Selznick, Weick, and Cameron and Whetten are the theorists she uses as examples. Contrast these four theoretical perspectives on change and organizations.

4). Reddin’s Personal Values Inventory, The Five Factors Personality Model, Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, and Schein’s career anchors exemplify attempts by psychologists to improve our understanding of ourselves. Explain why the psychologically oriented have so much interest in these ingenious typologies.

5). Denhardt, Denhardt, and Aristigueta mention about two dozen leading scholars who they explain as contributing to the roots of organizational behavior studies. Pick five influential academics who you believe to be the most significant. Defend your reasons for choosing these five scholars. Be thorough in explaining your reasoning for liking those experts who you put in the top five. You can mention more than five leading scholars who wrote about administrative behavior, if you like.View keyboard shortcuts






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