Art100 !!

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

You will create one artwork based on the prompt. Through creating art based on the prompt you will:

  • Practice building artistic skills with the mediums covered in this module by using them to create a piece of art as specified.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking by analyzing, conceptualizing, synthesizing, and communicating the concepts in this module through creating artwork.

Task – Creating Art: Landscape

  1. Create one artwork that is a Landscape, it can be real or imagined.
  2. Your one Landscape must be created by combining: drawing, painting, printmaking, and collage.
  3. The size is up to you
  4. Create a strong composition
    • To help you, reference previous modules: Artistic Elements, Artistic Principles, Finding Meaning when creating your Landscape.
  5. Every square inch of your artwork needs to have been designed — don’t leave anything “blank” or in other words, don’t leave the white of paper showing.

I would recommend you reread the module to refresh your memory about these two dimensional mediums!


Your creative challenge this week is to produce one artwork that is a Landscape, you are to combine all 4 of the mediums discussed: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Collage to create your Landscape.

To achieve this you will have to critically analyze and synthesize how you will use paint, how you will use the technique of printmaking, what you will use to draw with, and how you will incorporate the element of collage to create your Landscape!

The reason for a Landscape as the prompt is because it does not have to be realistic! You can use reference photos, look out your window, or look into your imagination.

Two important aspects of this assignment, first you are building your experience and artistic skills with the two dimensional media covered in this module and second, this experience will give you a visceral appreciation and understanding for artwork that is created using drawing, painting, printmaking, and collage.

Refresh your memory, incorporate: Artistic Elements, Artistic Principles, and Finding Meaning when creating your Landscape.


  1. Drawing Material — I believe you are good with this medium, grab a pencil, pen, or burn a piece of wood to draw with.
  2. Paint — If you don’t have paint, things you can paint with: coffee, tea, mix water with ashes, mix water with eye shadow or makeup. You can water down ink into different values to create ink washes. What else can you mix with a liquid to become a fluid color to paint with?
  3. Printmaking — You can create a stamp to create multiples of the same image. You can use the monotype technique to create pattern or the base of the image. You could create stencils. You could even do rubbings over rough material or over a coin to create an image that you can make multiples of.
  4. Collage — are you creating textures and patterns to cut up and put together? Are you using some images from magazines? Are you gluing or sewing or using bubblegum to stick your collage together?
  5. What are you working with — are you using paper, fabric, tin foil, wood…? Are you working on a t-shirt, a canvas, a wall?
  6. Conceptualize beyond your assumptions!
  • You do not have to use paint to “paint something realistic”, look at the variety of techniques and experiment, you could glaze a color over a section to change it.
  • The nature of this assignment will take you out of your comfort zone! You will probably have to research on your own to come up with the right solution for your Landscape.
  • You will probably have to do some tests and compositional studies to create your beautiful Landscape.
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