Imperialism History 1302




  1. Dear Mr. President (200-Words)
    • At the end of your discussion post only, here I want you to create a character for yourself and write a letter to the president in the textbook’s Chapter 19. Yes, you must read this chapter to learn which president you are writing.
    • This entire discussion and your letter must only discuss the events and in Chapter 19. No credit will be given for any, ever, present-day discussion.
    • Start your letter with, “Dear Mr. President (add name from textbook’s Chapter 19)”
    • Your character must be an Imperialist or Anti-Imperialist.
    • In your letter describe your character’s name, age, employment, business, marital status, children, family, and living location/community.
    • Your character can either be a United States citizen or an immigrant from (Hawaii (before it was a state), Cuba, Puerto Rico, Spanish (Texas, California, and New Mexico), Philippines Islands (Asia), Egypt, and Panama.
    • Explain why you are an “Imperialist” or “Anti-Imperialist”.
    • Explain how you personally became aware of American Imperialist actions.
    • Describe how American Imperialism will or will not affect you personally (business, family, job, or culture) as an “Imperialist” or “Anti-Imperialist”.
    • Make your letter very personal to you. Be respectable. Be the scholar.
    • Sign the letter as your character.
    • Two footnotes requied here and a bibliography of all at the end.
      • All footnotes must be from two different sources.
        • Yes, different from what you used to answer question 1. (above).
    • Only use the required reading materials, no outside sources.
    • To get the maximum amount of point students must answer each question
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